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How to start using eRecruiter?

I want to start using eRecruiter. What should I do?

Is special training required in order to learn how to use eRecruiter?

Will I get a user’s guide / manual?

Can I try eRecruiter first?

eRecruiter’s functionalities

How can eRecruiter facilitate my work?

How does a candidate apply for my job offer?

What is an application form?

How can I sort the applicants' data in my database?

Is there a limit in the number of recruitment projects or applicants?

eRecruiter vs. Pracuj.pl

What is the connection between eRecruiter and Pracuj.pl portal?

Do I have to publish ads in Pracuj.pl in order to be able to use eRecruiter?

Which job sites can I use to publish ads from eRecruiter system?

Technical requirements and safety

Do I have to install additional software on my computer to be able to use eRecruiter?

What are the requirements for my computer?

Is eRecruiter available in other languages?

Are the personal data of the applicants stored in eRecruiter safe?

Since eRecruiter can only be accessed online, do I have to use a fast internet connection?