Stop worrying about the safety of your recruitment processes

eRecruiter secures and processes data of candidates in accordance with the guidelines of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) and the EU standards.

Security from the first contact with the candidate

Job applications received from the candidates can be secure as in a bank vault. How is that possible? eRecruiter is encrypted similarly to online bank accounts – it has a dedicated password policy and guarantees the safety of the sourced candidate data owing to the encrypted SSL connection and other measures. You and the candidates can verify this by checking the lock symbol near the search bar.


Required clauses

  • With eRecruiter, you can easily manage the clauses and permissions checked by the candidate in the recruitment form. You can use ready-made templates designed by our experts or create your own templates fitting the requirements of the recruiting company.
  • The form can also contain a request for consent to the candidate’s participation in future recruitment processes. If the candidate does not express her or his consent to participation in recruitment processes in the future, such an information will be included in the candidate’s data in the system.
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Blind recruitment with no doubt

Even in the case of blind recruitment processes, you are obliged to inform the candidate about the company (its name and address of its seat) to receive her or his data, the purpose of data processing, persons having access to such data, etc. With eRecruiter, you can send such information to candidates automatically at any given moment.


Secure circulation of documents

  • Security and data confidentiality are the priorities of the eRecruiter system. As an Administrator, you are the one to decide who gains access to data of specific candidates. You can do it yourself by assigning access rights in the system.
  • If you need to share selected job applications with managers from other departments, you can do it without unnecessary printing or mailing - the system can provide the managers with temporary access to the files of specific candidates. Therefore, you are always certain that all applications are in good hands.
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