Job application sourcing and candidate database management

Control the entire recruitment process in a single place. It’s so simple!

Multiple job offer publication

Attract candidates by placing job offers in numerous places and monitor the effectiveness of job application sources. The eRecruiter system enables you to place job offers on 11 different web portals simultaneously!

Publish your job offers quickly on,,,,, and free web portals.


Your “Career” web page always up-to-date

The “Career” tab represents your company. Make it even more attractive with a list of job offers you can manage directly from eRecruiter, matching your webpage design. You can place or delete your job offers in just a sec!


Data access management

Assign the rights to access specific recruitment projects and to view all data in eRecruiter. Engage the business in recruitment projects by sending the submitted job applications to managers without logging in. Different levels of access rights in eRecruiter enable you to manage your recruitment processes in a safe and effective way.


Clear and neat candidate profiles

Make reading job applications a pleasant experience. Read documents, add notes, send and receive messages in a single place. Everything each user does is recorded, so you can easily check what actions have already been taken.


Filtering and searching functionalities

The system’s advanced filtering module enables faster access to the candidates you are searching for. Moreover, the search engine can narrow down the list of search results by scanning the candidates’ documents and added notes for the specified keywords.


See how eRecruiter supports communication with candidates

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