Candidate Experience

eRecruiter takes pride in facilitating effective communication with candidates. You can send messages directly from the system. Use templates and automated functionalities to inform candidates about the status of their application. Save time and boost Candidate Experience.

Send personalized emails in bulk

Keep in touch with your candidates on all stages of a recruitment project. Use mass correspondence solution to reply to many candidates at once. Each of them receives a dedicated, personalized message or email.


Convenient message templates

Send messages to candidates using universal templates.

Create your own templates designed to suit your needs or candidates expectations.

Depending on recruitment stage or project nature you can choose and define the most suitable type of message to be sent to candidates.


Have easy access to archive correspondence

Keep the entire correspondence with each and every candidate at your fingertips. All communication is accessible from a candidate’s profile.

Not sure if your candidate received your email? Never again. With eRecruiter you can easily verify if a candidate received your.

eRecruiter fosters modern and professional approach to recruitment. As a representative of the HR environment, I appreciate this system’s capabilities. I can recommend this solution to all employers paying attention to maintaining close contact with the candidates
Anna Cieślik, HR Project Manager, Fiege

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Take care of Candidate Experience and don’t leave your candidates in the dark.