Collaboration with the business

Engage the managers in the recruitment process. Make your collaboration more friendly and effective with efficient communication.

Quickly, easily, jointly!

With eRecruiter system functionalities, you will improve each and every stage of your collaboration: from job application screening, through selection of candidates to recruitment meetings.

Simple model of communication

No more time-consuming information exchange between the recruiter and the business! With eRecruiter, you will tick the selected applications and send them to the manager in one message.

  • Safely — without keeping resumes in your mailbox or downloading them to your hard drive.
  • Easily — the manager evaluates the applications by clicking one of the two buttons.

Quickly — no need to sign in to the system by the manager.

Managers’ work made easier

With the intuitive panel for viewing the incoming job application, the manager will get the key information about the candidate from you in just a few seconds.

The panel displays:

  • candidate’s documents;
  • answers to questions from the job application form;
  • notes added in eRecruiter.

It all goes very quickly from here! The manager will approve or reject the incoming applications using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. She or he will also be able to add comments and her or his actions will be visible in and applied to the system in real time.

Notifications about decisions of the business

Quicker feedback from the business means quicker feedback for the candidate! eRecruiter will inform you about job applications evaluated by managers, so that you can immediately proceed to the next stages of the recruitment procedure.

Notifications are available:

  • directly in the system,
  • by e-mail,
  • by push messages in the eRecruiter mobile application.

Reminders for managers

their pending task with just one click.

This functionality is available in the system’s start screen, which will soon become your genuine control and management center, where you can check:

  • how many candidate cards have been sent;
  • how many applications have already been evaluated;
  • which manager has not provided her or his feedback.

Convenient job interview arrangement

Say goodbye to an arduous process of arranging the dates and hours of recruitment meetings.

Owing to the integration of eRecruiter with the software solutions most frequently used by Polish companies, it will take a few seconds to check the dates acceptable for you and the managers, as well as to arrange a meeting in a selected room or online.

You will do it quickly and comfortably in one system, without switching between several applications.

Our system is integrated with:

  • calendars — MS Outlook and Google Calendar;
  • communication apps — MS Teams and Google Meet.

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