Talent Sourcing

Leverage the potential of multi-channel recruitment and attract top talents matching the needs of your organization.

Use the full potential of your recruitment projects

Owing to the capabilities of eRecruiter, you can be certain that your offer reaches the right candidates and can invite only the best of them to the next stage of the recruitment procedure.

Job ad publication in many places

Do you want to publish job ads in many places at the same time and have full control over them?

With eRecruiter, you can place your job ads on 24 different job portals! You can choose between large nationwide websites and smaller, local and industry job boards — commercial and free. Publish your job ads quickly on Pracuj.pl, olx.pl, infopraca.pl, gowork.pl, aplikuj.pl and other websites.

Check which channels are most effective and focus on them. Be always there, where top talents are looking for you! More valuable sources translate into more valuable job applications.

Your Career web page always up-to-date

Do you know that the Career web page is a recruitment-related presentation of every company?

  • If you don’t have it yet, no problem! With our user-friendly Career Web Page Creator in the eRecruiter system, you will create an attractive, modern and personalized career web page for your company in just a few minutes.
  • Or maybe you already have such a web page, but are not satisfied with how it looks? You can integrate it with the eRecruiter system in just a few minutes. You get a list of job ads adjusted to your website, a user-friendly searching functionality for candidates and simple job ad publication functionality that can be managed directly from our system.

Show your company to the candidates from its best side! Boost the positive image of your company as an employer and gain an extra source of job applications.

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Employee Referral Module

Make use of your employees’ recommendations and attract more matching candidates faster and at a lower cost!

The Employee Referral Module in eRecruiter helps implement or improve the existing candidate referral system used by employees of your organization. In just a few clicks, you will adjust the Employee Referral page to the needs of your company, place your job ads on this page and automate the processes. The referral system offers also some extra benefits: improved image of an employer as seen by candidates, greater engagement of employees in recruitment processes and additional benefits for your staff.

Find out that trusted employees are the best source of new valuable contacts!

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Effectiveness of places of job ad publication

Control the effectiveness of channels where you post your job ads with our analytic tools.

The eRecruiter system offers extended reports enabling you to check the sources of candidates at every stage of your recruitment process. You have access to data that can help you make decisions on selecting the places of job ad publication to use in the future.

Clear candidate profiles

The CV selection can actually be a nice and pleasant experience!
Owing to clear candidate profiles, you can easily browse job applications from diverse sources. You can read documents, add notes, send and receive messages — all this from a single place!

All you actions are logged in the system’s history, so you can easily check what actions have already been taken.

Filtering and searching in real time

We can help you find the person you want even in the largest set of candidates.

The advanced job application filtering module enables faster access to the candidates you are searching for, regardless of the source of their applications. Moreover, the search engine can narrow down the list of search results by scanning the candidates’ documents and added notes for the specified keywords.

All you need for effective recruitment

Voicebots, chatbots, competence tests, NPS surveys, integration with the Career web page… and much more! With eRecruiter, you can easily make use of the capabilities offered by the HR Tech industry.

You can choose between a vast and constantly growing range of extra services integrated with our system and delivered by our trusted partners.

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Leverage the potential of multi-channel recruitment with eRecruiter.