Mobile application

All your process always within your reach. Manage them using your smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Gain comfort and mobility.

System available on your smartphone

Process management, receiving and sending messages, arranging meetings, rating candidates by the business. With the eRecruiter mobile application, managing your recruitment projects becomes even more convenient.

Notifications about major developments

Don’t let anything skip your attention! With push notifications displayed on the screen of your smartphone, you will be immediately notified about:

  • new messages from candidates;
  • canceled recruitment meetings;
  • job applications rated by managers.

Rating job applications by the business

Reliable collaboration with the business

Make it easier for managers to become involved in recruitment projects. Rate the incoming job applications together.

The eRecruiter application will help you quickly send documents of prospective employees to managers and receive immediate feedback. This way you will be able to communicate the decision to the candidate even sooner.

Faster communication

The application helps you react to actions of candidates faster.

  • You can read and respond to every message immediately after you receive it.
  • You will be one click away from communicating with your candidate.

Schedule of meetings under control

Now you can organize your tasks related to recruitment meetings even more effectively.

In the eRecruiter mobile application, you will have constant access to the list of upcoming meetings with candidates. Job interviews will appear in the list 2 days ahead, together with the access to data and ability to quickly call a given candidate.

Candidate details always at hand

You cannot use your computer at the moment? No problem!

With the eRecruiter mobile application, you will view all the most important documents submitted by a candidate, her or his answers to questions from the job application form and your own notes on your smartphone. You will also easily search the list of all job applications by key details and keywords.

Advanced and safe log-in procedure

Our application makes access to projects and data of candidates as convenient as never before. Log in using such modern solutions as:

  • Face ID — face recognition;
  • Touch ID — fingerprint reader.

Download the application

Go mobile with your recruitment processes now

Download the eRecruiter application to your smartphone and be always up-to-date with your recruitment projects.


Recruit whenever and wherever you want using your mobile application.