Make the right decisions, develop effective processes, boost the effectiveness of your team. Leverage the power of data to improve your recruitment processes.

Keep your finger on the pulse!

You can choose between a whole range of reports and solutions to manage your recruitment projects even more effectively and make even more informed decisions.

Recruitment summary

With eRecruiter, you know simply everything about your recruitment processes. At any moment, you can generate and download reports showing the current overview of such information, as:

  • the stage of recruitment and the ratings of candidates,
  • decisions made by managers,
  • duration of a given recruitment project.

Monitoring the HR department operations

Check how many projects have been completed/opened or are active during a given reporting period.

With eRecruiter you will quickly verify the number of processes in your recruitment team and boost the effectiveness of your joint efforts.

Effectiveness of places of job ad publication

Control the quality of applications in the process. With eRecruiter, you will check the division according to stages and sources of job applications in a given recruitment project and you will take into account both criteria simultaneously.

You will be able to identify the sources of top quality job applications and the places of job ad publication to collaborate in the future.

Better sources mean better applications, while better applications mean top candidates!

Reporting for everyone

eRecruiter will provide your team with diverse reports, depending on the level of access to the system.

You can grant your employees full access to all available reports or enable them to review data only from the indicated recruitment projects.

Test eRecruiter

Try the above solutions in practice. Find out how efficient your work can become with our system.