Dreamlike and seamless reporting

Imagine reports and diagrams creating themselves while you spend your valuable time on strategic activities. Create, edit and manage recruitment reports easily and conveniently within eRecruiter.

Quick summary of completed recruitment

After selecting the candidate to employ, eRecruiter will automatically summarize your recruitment process. As a result, without unnecessary calculations and analysis, you will quickly find out how long the recruitment process lasted, how many candidates took part in it and, as well, what score did your chosen candidate get in the selection process.


Monitor the progress of recruitment projects

Analyze the effectiveness of recruitment operations of your team.

Get instant information on completed and active recruitment processes within a given reporting period.


Best sources of candidates

Find out which candidate sources are most effective. Boost the effectiveness of your ads. Make informed decisions about which sources to use to get top-quality candidates.


Flow of candidates between stages

Do you want to know what percentage of candidates reaches the final stage of the recruitment process? Candidates’ flow report will show you what percentage of candidates in the given recruitment, given period or even in the entire database reaches the next stages of the recruitment process. With this report you will be able to judge the quality of job applications you receive.


Monitor the effectiveness of recruitment

  • Number of candidates at a selected recruitment stage
  • Number of candidates coming from a selected source
  • Number of candidates coming from a selected source at a selected recruitment stage
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Keep your managers and recruiters up-to-date

Adjust the reporting screen to the role of the user.
Recruiters can check the current status of their recruitment processes. HR Managers can oversee all recruitment processes within the department.


Convenient exporting to MS Excel

Fans of spreadsheets can easily export  all data and diagrams to MS Excel.

Each recruitment is a process divided into several phases and the key to success is the organization and effective control over these phases. eRecruiter gives me all of that. It is an up-to-date tool that facilitates the work of every recruitment department.
Karolina Karolczak, Assistant Development and Recruitment Manager, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy

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