Recruitment reports

Use a whole range of reports to manage your recruitment projects even more effectively.

Recruitment overview

Monitor the current progress of your recruitment projects. At any moment, you can generate reports showing the current overview of such information, as:

  • the stage of recruitment, the ratings of candidates,
  • the managers’ decisions
  • or the duration of a given recruitment project.

Monitoring the HR department operations

Check how many projects have been completed, opened or are active during a given reporting period. Verify the number of processes in your recruitment team.


Effectiveness of application sources

Control the quality of applications in the process. Check the division of recruitment projects into stages, sources of applications or both criteria at the same time

It will help you identify the sources of the best applications and the job offer boards worth using in the future.


Reporting for everyone

eRecruiter displays specific reporting functionalities depending on the level of access to the system: from full access to all reports to the ability to verify data only from the accessible recruitment projects.


See how to ensure candidate data security

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Create informative, constructive and clear reports effortlessly