Employee Referral Module

Recruit employees matching your expected profile with a referral program.

Attractive and engaging
employee referral program

Make use of your employees’ recommendations to attract more matching candidates faster and at a lower cost. The Employee Referral Module in eRecruiter helps implement or improve the existing candidate referral system used by employees of your company.

In just a few clicks, you will adjust the Employee Referral page to the needs of the company, place your job ads on this page and automate the processes. The referral system offers also some extra benefits: improved image of an employer as seen by candidates, greater engagement of employees in recruitment processes and additional benefits for your staff.

Employee Referral Module from the recruiter’s perspective

The referral module will help you attract candidates in a more cost-effective and often quicker way (e.g. as compared to placing a job ad on a commercial web portal). In just a few clicks, you will adjust the Employee Referral page to the needs of your company and place your job ads on this page — just like you place job ads with eRecruiter in other places.

You will also easily report the recruitment data. Details of the candidate and the recommending employee, as well as the number of links to job ads generated by employees can be found in the system.

Referral Module from the employee’s perspective

After opening the Referral page, the employee will see, among other things, currently available job offers including the essential details and will be able to generate a dedicated referral link.

By clicking the job ad preview, the employee can read its contents and decide whether the candidate she or he wants to recommend meets the requirements of the offered position. The “Recommend an Employee” button links to generating an individual referral link, which can be shared in the employee’s social media channels and contact networks.

Create a program in 4 simple steps

Log in to the system and go to the Employee Referrals section in the Settings. Next:
1. Generate a link to the dedicated employee referral page
2. Complete the essential details using the editor
3. Post job ads
4. Inform employees about the ability to recommend candidates


Become a hero of recruitment
in your company!

With eRecruiter, you will quickly create and implement your own Employee Referral Module!
It will help you:

  • publish a dedicated web page containing job ads and description in a minute;
  • adjust the page to your corporate visual identification;
  • post any number of job ads quickly and for free;
  • set the level of prizes for referrals per job ad;
  • monitor the effectiveness of the Referral Program as a source of candidates,
  • compile reports with figures related to the referring employees.

Recruit employees matching your expected profile with a referral program