Automated SMS communication

Stay in touch with candidates on every stage of the recruitment process!

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What are the benefits of automated SMS communication with candidates?

No more sending text messages to candidates one by one! Choose a message template (or create your own) and define the parameters (e.g. a recruitment stage or a tag) and let eRecruiter do it all for you. Automation of SMS communication:

  • boosts positive candidate experience from the moment of submitting a job application;
  • facilitates feedback collection on every stage of recruitment and after rejection of a candidate;
  • supports building an efficient and standardized model of communication with all candidates;
  • creates a space for personal contact with selected talents and performing creative or strategic tasks.

*According to the “Candidate Experience in Poland in 2021” survey
**According to the “Candidate Experience in Poland in 2023” survey

At which stages of the process is automated SMS communication particularly useful?

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  • “Thank you” messages in response to the submitted job application;
  • messages to candidates who do not answer phone calls;
  • job interview confirmation;
  • job interview reminders and directions;
  • information about moving to the next stage;
  • invitation to take part in a test or play a game checking online skills;
  • information about rejection from the recruitment process;
  • invitation to take part in a survey evaluating the recruitment process;
  • …or other stages — we know every process is unique and we will be glad to adjust the communication stage to your needs.

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